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Castle Knights vCard Request

Feather Pen and Ink

I am happy to create and host a vCard for you to use to share your contact info for those you meet while you Knight at the Castle. Please fill out the information you want included on your vCard (only submit the information you want, the way you want it to appear. Your name (does not have to be full name) and e-mail are the only requirements. Please give me a couple of days to create it for you. Once done, I will send you the vCard link and a QR Code you can use. I might also be offering laminated QR Codes and/or NFT cards in the future - but you will be able to make one yourself with what I send you should you choose!


Please Note: If you already have a vCard from me and want to change the info, please fill out this form again. Your link/QR Code will stay the same unless you request a different one!